Tricor Korea Co., Ltd., a Human-Resources Consulting Firm, has a mission to locate and recruit qualified candidates for our clients in various industries. At Tricor Korea, we believe that success of a company depends on the quality and performance of its "People".
With that in mind, we, at Tricor Korea, contact potential candidates and conduct a thorough evaluation in order to match the candidate's skills with the client's needs.
At Tricor Korea, our goal is to place both candidate and client in a "Win-Win" situation.
At Tricor Korea, with our vast network and resources,
we are fully capable of fulfilling your needs.
We believe in being a part of our client's HR Department with professionalism, integrity & confidentiality.
We constantly update and improve our services to provide you with the right people for your HR needs.
Currently, the global business environment is being revolutionized by three major
factors : globalization, greater level of competition, and companies focusing and specializing in their core businesses.
With the industries being reshaped by these dynamic forces, there are greater needs than ever for highlyqualified people.
Tricor Korea
, provides that pool of talented people.
Tricor Korea's area of practice covers today's leading industries such as Electronics, Telecommunications, Information, Technology & Computers, Semiconductor, Automotive, Financial services, Distribution and Environment industries.
With knowledge in today's industries, we are preparing ourselves to meet the needs of our clients for the next century.

Tricor Korea¡¯s practice is based on doing things right from the beginning.Our ¡®Candidate Evaluation Program¡¯ is a stringent procedure to find the right person from the start.Our system is not based on the run-of-the-mill evaluation by interview. Tricor Korea¡¯s aptitude evaluation is structured systematically, so that every candidate¡¯s evaluation report is in a standardized format, to give a broad and useful ¡°tool¡± for your HR needs.

Job Activity Analysis and Job Evaluation
  • A. Job Analysis :
    structure and nature of work, degree of service required,placed of
    employment, work procedure and cycles, work-to-completion ratio,
    and time required to finish task
  • B. Analysis of required skills :
    minimum level of education, learning curve (new recruit as baseline),
    theoretical knowledge, level of experience / knowledge, continuing education courses taken related to the job
  • C. Previous Job Experience(s) :
    Previous projects / assignments completed (chronological format)
  • D. Job Characteristics :
    Location of work, special skills required (time of task completion,
    self-motivation, rationalization, cooperation, decision-making, leadership, creativity, planning skills, etc.)
Job Compatibility / Personal Characteristics
An evaluation of the candidate¡¯s skills and personal profile to
determine the candidate¡¯s potential
Behavior Evaluation
The criteria for evaluation and analysis are appearance,
estimation of contribution to the organization, and the possibility
of termination of employment.
Client Inquiry Tricor Korea, handles all our client's inquiries with due diligence.
Whether it is for a new business venture or to replace existing personnel.
Understanding our Client's HR needs by analyzing and evaluating
After receiving your inquiry, Tricor Korea, analyses and examines our client's corporate history,
scope of business, organization structure and culture, in order to find the right person
that fits your corporate needs. Placing the right person for the position is done by
evaluation of Job 'Description' and 'Job Specification'.
After analyzing and defining the criterions needed, upon your approval, Tricor Korea, begins a
thorough search, evaluation, and categorization of potential candidates via our
database system.
From the initial search, a long-list will be produced. Then we narrow the selection
down to meet your criterions more precisely and evaluate the potential candidates.
Interview & Evaluation
After our exhaustive process of finding the right candidates, by industry and job specification, the candidates will be interviewed by our consultants. The evaluation will consist of assessing the candidates previous knowledge/experience, work aptitude, psychological and behavior profile. If the above milestone does not produce a potential candidate, we will start again from the beginning.
Before recommending the potential candidate, we will listen to your comments in relation to the candidate and take them into consideration before arranging an interview.
Transition & Coordination
Tricor Korea¡¯s service will be completed, when the candidate has completed the interview, has been accepted by you, has passed the Physical Examination, and a formal Employment agreement has been signed between both parties. Until then and only then will it be considered as "Mission Accomplishe". However, that does not conclude our services for you. Tricor Korea, will do a follow-up to determine if we have satisfied your HR needs.